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BERNKAY INDUSTRIAL TOOLING, LLC directs their business towards providing material removal solutions which best fit the manufacturer's immediate needs. Whether it is abrasive or cutting tool based, BERNKAY prides themselves on delivering the most advanced solutions technology has to offer. We also provide various other industrial needs, such as workrest blades, wear tooling/fixturing, hand tools, and the like. Founded in 1999, we have more than 30 years in the tooling industry. If we can't find the solution for you, we will try our best to direct you to someone who can.

For those participating in the Minority Supplier programs, we are a certified participant. Certification # available upon business transaction.

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Ultra-Dex Tooling Systems

P.L. Schmitt Carbide Tooling, LLC

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Noritake Co., Inc.

Fullerton Tool Co.

Rigibore Inc.

Kitzel Diamond Tooling Solutions

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R.L. Schmitt Co.

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Sharon Cutwell

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NGI Cutting Instruments

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National Jet Company

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BernKay Industrial Tooling
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