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Tooling Lines

Allen Benjamin
Carbide Taps and Carbide insert Taps

Developing, manufacturing, and distributing precision and special tools

Breu Diatools
Breu Diamantwerkzeug GmbH is a family-owned company specialized in the production and coating of high-quality electroplated diamond and CBN tools.

Cool-Grind Technologies, llc.
Better coolant flow and pressure

Edge Technology
A manufacturer of carbide indexable inserts providing quality products

Fullerton Tool Co.
Carbide Cutting Tools, Adapters, etc.
(FORD mainly uses our saws)

Global Tool Supply
Our goal is to manufacture and supply the best performing tools at the best price, faster than any other company

Great Lakes Eglinton
Tungsten Carbide Gages, Carbide Tooling, Tipping Dies

Modular Balancing Technology

HTC Tool & Cutter Manufacturing CO.
Round solid carbide cutting tools

Hyper Tool
Gun Drills, Sharpening Fixtures, Guides, and Bushings

NGI Cutting Instruments
H.S.S. Medical Tooling

Noritake Co., Inc.
Grinding Products: Vit. CBN, Ceramic, Conventional, etc.
(EWIE/FORD supplier of the year - 2003)

P.L. Schmitt Carbide Tooling, LLC
Manufacturer of "Attitude" Carbide Endmills & "Crown Cutters" Carbide Engravers
Family Owned and Operated

Primary Tool
Carbide drills, end mills, tapered end mills, reamers, Exotic tools

R.L. Schmitt Co.
Carbide Cutting Tools, Gages, Crown Cutters, 'O' Flutes, etc.

Richard's Micro Tool
Industrial, Medical, Dental, and Rotary Cutting Instruments

Rigibore Inc.
Special Boring, Twin Tooling, Cartridges, Units, Electronic Adjustment

Romay Inserts & Coatings
Romay is committed to providing top-quality inserts, knowledgeable tech support, and competitive pricing

Sharon Cutwell
Carbide tools for Metal/Woodworking (Compression Routers)

Sharp Carbide Tool
Specializes in the sale and manufacturing of carbide products, industrial saw blades & knives

Southworth Products Co.
Pallet Handling Equipment

Sunex Tools
Shop Equipment

Surftec Tools
Precision Tooling

Taylor Tool
Hard to find H.S.S. Taps, Dies, Reamers

Ultra-Dex Tooling Systems
Indexable Tool Repair and Custom Tool Specials at Ultra-Dex
High quality and low cost custom cutting tool specials

Whitney Tool
Milling Cutters - H.S.S. and Carbide Tipped

Workblades, Inc.
Work Rest Blades, Steady rests, Fixtures, Rails, Knives/Shears

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